The Old Rooming House

The Old Rooming House is New Harmony’s off-beat option for lodging in Posey County. Located on a shaded lot on the main road in a residential neighborhood, it is an Italianate Victorian house built in 1896 that might be described as “tastefully ramshackle.

Owner Jim Stinson has designed the Old Rooming House to to appeal to writers, artists and musicians, and people who are generally looking for something interesting. Inside, it’s decorated with books, magazines, art and knick-knacks he’s collected over many years. Outside, there’s a porch swing, old fashioned lawn chairs, a totem pole decorated with license plates and large, very old trees.

“It reminds people of their grandfather’s house,” says Jim.

The three guest rooms each have full sized double beds, a small refrigerator, coffee pot and a microwave. The Nautical Room, Writer’s Room, and Artist Room are decorated much like their names suggest. There is a large, comfortable  sitting room with a fascinating library. The halls are lined with bookshelves containing old National Geographics, books from the WPA writing project, and other diverse and interesting writing. All the walls and shelves are covered with interesting knick knacks and old things.

There are no televisions, radios, computers, or internet access.

“It’s not for everybody,” says Jim, “but people who like it, like it a lot. Before booking a room, I don’t take any money upfront, so I always talk to people and tell them what it’s like. I’ve talked people out of staying if I thought they wouldn’t like it. I’m happy to tell them about other options.”


The Old Rooming House
916 E. Church St.
New Harmony, IN 47631
(812) 781-9218