The Antique Doll Shoppe

The Antique Doll Shoppe of New Harmony is really a museum, not a store. None of the beautiful dolls, doll clothes, historical books or magazines are for sale. But it’s a great place to stop in, look around, chat, and learn about dolls and their history.

Patricia Gosh, like many young girls, loved playing with dolls when she was a child. But unlike most, she went on to be a seamstress in Hollywood, and even made gowns for the Academy Awards.When she and her husband wanted a slower, more fulfilling life than they could have in Los Angeles, they moved to Posey County and she opened the Antique Doll Shoppe. of New Harmony.

“I’ve always had a passion for dolls, designing clothes, and an enthusiasm for collecting,” she says. “The Doll Shoppe is the result of that. I designed and sewed all of the dresses in the shop.”

In addition to the dolls she has dressed herself, the Doll Shoppe has some very rare dolls on display from the 1850’s and earlier, including a German-made all wood doll. She was also a writer and publisher who put out a quarterly publication for many years that always included a pattern for doll clothes. She also has her large library of books and magazines going all the way back to the Civil War on display at the Shoppe.

“Love to share everything I have,” says Patricia. “We also do lectures, workshops, and put on an annual children’s tea.”

The Antique Doll Shoppe of New Harmony does not keep regular hours, but is usually open on weekends or by appointment. Just call to arrange a visit.

Antique Doll Shoppe of New Harmony
507 S. Main Street
New Harmony, Indiana 47631
(812) 319-5300