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The Old Dam

The Old Dam is a group of natural rock formations rising from the bed of the Wabash River near New Harmony.

When the Wabash is low in Summer, the rocks emerge forming a series of rapids, pools, and waterfalls, it becomes one of the best swimming holes east of the Mississippi. The rapids make for a great kayaking experience. Many people like to canoe or float down to the Old Dam from New Harmony in inter tubes on warm summer days. The Old Dam is one of the best fishing sites in the tri-state. People regularly catch catfish upwards of 25 pounds. Continue reading

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Working Men’s Institute Museum

The Working Men’s Institute and Library contains a fascinating collection of historical relics, both natural and man-made. On the same floor, the Murphy Gallery features classic classic fine art paintings collected over the years and contemporary work by the Italian artist Franco Prosperi. Continue reading

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Jane Owen

Jane Owen restored New Harmony’s history, brought in world class artists, architects and spiritual leaders to create sacred spaces, supported the arts, and built the fine dining establishment the Red Geranium and the Harmonist inspired New Harmony Inn and Resort. Continue reading

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Harmonist Labyrinth

The Harmonist Labyrinth is a hedge maze that has been recreated to reflect the original Harmonist layout. It’s a long-time favorite for Posey County school children and visitors alike. In the middle of the maze sits the grotto; a circular building where a visitor can rest and relax before finding his or her way back out. Continue reading

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Tillich Park

Created by Jane Owen, Tillich Park is a wooded glade dedicated to Paul Tillich, one of the most influential theologians. The park features a winding path through a grove of tall pines and a sculpture of Tillich by James Rosati. The pine needle covered path winds through a forest of Norwegian Spruce. Stones engraved with Tillich’s thoughts are placed along the path. Continue reading

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