Rapp-Owen Granary

Wedding Reception at the Granary in New Harmony, IndianaThe Rapp-Owen Granary is one of New Harmony’s most spectacular buildings, and a national landmark as well. Originally seven stories, but later redesigned to be two floors with very high ceilings and solid wood beams and rafters, the building radiates warm spaciousness and awesome grandeur.

The Rapp-Owen Granary

Built between 1814 and 1818 by the Harmonists to store their grain, it later became a geologic laboratory for William Maclure, known as the father of American Geology, and later for David Dale Owen, Indiana’s first state geologist. A seismograph is still in operation.

Purchasing and restoring the old Granary was one of the first items on Jane Owen’s to-do list when she began the restoration and revitalization of New Harmony in the mid 1940’s, but she would not see her dream realized for over 50 years.

Today, the Rapp-Owen Granary is a favorite stop on the Historic New Harmony Walking Tour and is a popular venue for weddings, receptions, other celebrations, business meetings, workshops and concerts.

Rapp-Owen Granary
413 Granary Street
New Harmony, Indiana 47631
(812) 682-3050