Harmonist Labyrinth

The Harmonist LabyrinthHarmonist LabyrinthThe Harmonist Labyrinth is a recreation of the original Harmonist layout. It’s a long-time favorite for local school children and visitors alike.

The labyrinth was a very important symbol for the Harmonists. They built one at each of their three settlements.

The superficial goal is to reach the grotto In the middle of the labyrinth.

Historically, however, the labyrinth represents the deeper goal of finding the path to God. It was intended to show that if a person strayed from the correct path, he or she would  reach a dead end; but if  the correct path were followed, it would lead to heaven and eternal life.

On a nice day in New Harmony, a visitor might think he or she has found paradise on reaching the grotto in the center of labyrinth; and will enjoy resting there and contemplating the natural beauty of the surroundings, but for a significantly less amount of time than eternity. But then after finding the way back out, the rest of New Harmony awaits, not entirely unlike the labyrinth itself.

The Harmonist Labyrinth
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