Rosebud Antiques and Decorative Arts

“I like pieces that are functional, beautiful, and well-made – anything that has a little bit of style to it,” says Rita Davis, who along with her husband Rob, owns and operates Rosebud Antiques. “We try to fill the shop with things that have good age, are decorative, and are beautiful to look at.”

Rosebud does not specialize in any single type of antique or era, but Rita leans Victorian and has some particular areas of interest including quilts and quilting supplies, jewelry, and dolls.

“We love old lighting, china, antique bottles, eclectic furniture, vintage clothing, folk art, and anything painted,” says Rita. “Being an artist, I have an appreciation for two dimensional work from any era. Since one never knows what a customer is looking for, we will try to have a wide variety in this tiny shop.

“We have beautiful antique quilts,” she says. “They are all hand stitched. I love the fine, precise stitching in antique quilts. I have from turn of the century to the 1950’s. I also have quilt tops and quilt blocks for those who want to quilt it themselves.”

The jewelry typically dates from between Victorian times to the 1960’s. In addition to old jewelry, Rosebud also carries a lot of designer costume jewelry that was made to look Victorian, but was created in the 50’s and 60’s by top artists in the field such as Warner, Weiss, and Trifari, among others. They also carry a few things that are more modern, so there is a real variety.

The majority of the jewelry has been in my collection,” says Rita. “It is hand-picked. We don’t just go to auctions and buy lots, unless we’re after just one piece.”

“Another thing I really like is dolls,” she says. “I really love old dolls.”

The inventory changes of course, but at any one time Rosebud may have something like an Armand Marseille bisque head doll, as well as chuckwagon dolls with china heads. Most are German-made. She especially likes any kind of unusual handmade rag dolls.

In most cases, Rosebud offers more than just the item itself.

“I want to give anyone who walks through the door the best old-fashioned service I can,” says Rita. “I want my customers to experience that. I usually know the background on a piece. I can give them knowledge about what they are buying.”

Often, great customer service extends to pricing as well.

“We try to keep prices such that we are going to move things out,” says Rita. I don’t want to keep things in here like a museum. We won’t give anything away, but we’re open to making a deal.”

Rosebud will also be offering very small workshops in traditional hooked rugs, needle felting, crazy quilts and other types of crafts. Call or message to inquire.

“And If you come to town and find the shop’s not open, give me a call,” she says. “Or send a text message or contact me through Facebook. “If I can, I’ll meet you there.”

Rosebud Antiques
609 Main Street
New Harmony, IN 47631

(812) 781-9140