Raintree Brewing Company

Sara's Harmony WayGlass of Harmonie Bier

Raintree Brewing Company got it’s start in 18th century Germany, if not before, when they started brewing a distinctive dark lager in the Duchy of Württemberg. Brought to New Harmony, Indiana in 1814 by Father George Rapp and the Harmonists, it  was the first commercial brew in Indiana.

Now that distinctive dark German lager has been revived as Harmonie Bier by Raintree Brewing Company in modern day New Harmony. You can get this true German-style lager served fresh from the tap. For beer enthusiasts, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Harmonie Bier, along with Raintree Brewing’s other craft offerings, is served at Sara’s Harmony Way. With it’s comfortable seating in an historic brick building, eclectic decor, wine shop, patio, and adjacent restaurant and coffee shop, Sara’s, is one of the midwest’s best bars and a favorite hangout in New Harmony.

The brewery is operated by Ed Atkins and Casey Trela, friends who graduated from New Harmony High School, made their way in the world, and then returned to New Harmony and realized their dream of opening a micro brewery.

Raintree Brewing Company is about as “micro” as it gets, which allows Ed and Casey to keep a strict eye on quality.

“The response has been overwhelming,” says Casey. “We haven’t done any marketing because we are so busy making beer to keep up with demand. If we marketed, we  would run out of beer.”

In addition to Harmonie Bier, they also produce the popular Vale of Kashmir IPA and a variety of other brews that rotate on the taps, including a Scottish Ale, Chocolate Stout, Amber Ale, and American Wheat Beer. They plan to start brewing am Octoberfest Märzen for the fall.

“When we first discovered craft beers, our tastes ran the gamut of what’s out there,” says Ed. “Like many, we started out liking IPA’s. We still do, but then we really started appreciating the expertise that goes into making  German beers. What germans have been doing they’ve been dong a long time and it’s hard to do well. The subtlety and simplicity leaves no margin for error in a lager. If you make a mistake it’s going to show. That’s why it hasn’t been done much in American craft breweries. ”

“We use German hops from a traditional supplier in Germany,” says Casey.  “When people say they don’t like hoppy beer, they are probably  thinking of American hops, which are big and bold. German hops are more subtle and earthy.”

With its traditional German dark lager and new-style IPA and other craft stalwarts, Raintree Brewing Company is like so much about New Harmony: a fascinating mix of the old and the new, there to be enjoyed in a beautiful small town on the Wabash.

Raintree Brewing Company
@Sara’s Harmony Way
500 Church Street
New Harmony, Indiana 47631
(812) 682-3611