Harmonie State Park Hiking Trails

Scene from Harmonie State Park.Harmonie State Park.Trail with flowers

Scene from Harmonie State Park.Harmonie State Park.

Wooden Walkway into Ravine

Wooden walkway down the ravine on trail #1 at Harmonie State Park

Harmonie State Park offers a lovely variety of hiking trails. From the flat floodplains along the Wabash River to the rolling hills and deep ravines of the park’s interior, Harmonie State Park is filled with over 50 miles of  trails. They are interconnected so you can walk as far, or not, as you like.

Nine marked trails have difficulty levels ranging from as easy as it gets (flat and paved) to easy to moderate. The most demanding trails have only a few short, relatively steep climbs, and the mountain intermediate mountain bike trail is relatively long.

Hiking Trails

Trail #1 is a moderate, one mile trail that begins next to the parking lot for the youth tent area. It descends into a ravine and gradually rises into wooded areas and grassy plateaus, eventually returning to the youth tent area.

Trail #1 has a fantastic wooden walkway across a beautiful, deep ravine. Unfortunately, as of this writing,  a tree has fallen on it and it is closed.

Trail # 2 is a moderate 1.5 mile trail that begins at the campground and follows a small steam down to an old country road and a cool, fast flowing brook. It has two steep hills, one coming, one going, and it’s not unusual to see a lot of wildflowers and perhaps a little wildlife. The streams provide a certain amount of “air conditioning” when the weather is warm.

Trail # 3 is a moderate, one mile trail that begins just past the gatehouse at the entrance to the park at the Poplar Grove picnic area. The first part of the trail overlooks a small stream, then it descends into the Wabash River bottoms. and cuts through a small slice of the Wabash Border Nature Preserve. It returns to picnic area after ascending a steep hill.

It gets very buggy near the Wabash River in summer, so be prepared.

Trail#3 also leads to a horse trail which meanders around old oil roads from before the park was established. Hikers are welcome on the horse trails.

Trail # 4 is a moderate, 2.5 mile trail that winds through natural forests and steep ravines across two streams. It is the hilliest trail, with several steep climbs. It links three picnic areas, and one can begin from any of them.

Trail # 5 is a very scenic, easy .75 mile trail that begins near the campground gatehouse, passes by both Little and Big Harmonie ponds, and ends at the cabins. This is a good trail for observing pond life and white-tailed deer. An additional loop returns back to the gatehouse. The ponds are particularly beautiful and have several benches where visitors can relax and enjoy the scenery.

Trail # 6 is an easy, .75 mile trail that begins and ends at Cherry Hill picnic area.

Trail # 7  is a short, easy hike to a pioneer cemetery where two wives of early Posey County resident Henry Edmonds are buried.

Mountain Bike Trails

Harmonie State Parks renowned Mountain Bike trails are open to regular hikers, or trail runners, as well as cyclists. Just be sure to give the cyclists right of way. The trails are much more narrow than the regular hiking trails.

The beginner loop is about four miles and is mostly flat. There’s a nice section where you can see the deep ravines the park is known for, without having to climb them.

The intermediate loop and its off-shoots are about 16 miles and growing. These trails pass through some of the parks most beautiful scenery and some of the better areas to see wildlife. There are several ponds and streams. There are a few moderately steep hills, but for the most part, the trail winds gradually up and down the ravines.

Horse Trails

There are two horse trails that are also available to hikers.

The aforementioned Wabash Horse Trail is just off of Trail #3 near the park entrance. It is mostly made up of old oil roads near the Wabash River.

The Horse Trail at the Locust Knoll picnic area is the most popular horse trail. It is 4.5 miles long and has several hitching posts. It passes near the old Edmonds cemetery.

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