Black Lodge Coffee Roasters

Black Lodge Coffee Roasters

Looking for a “damn fine cup of coffee?” Black Lodge Coffee Roasters puts a lot of effort, and expertise, into making just that.

The result is a fresh roasted, fresh ground, fresh brewed cup of coffee made with perfect water from the finest beans that is as good, or better, than what you’ll find in the finest coffee shops of the world.

In addition to regular drip coffee (which is anything but regular) and espresso, they offer other coffee house standards including Americano, French Press, Cafe au Lait, Latte and Cappuccino, as well as a few specialty brews such as Chemex and V60, a fine filtered manual style from Japan.

Their Flat White has quickly become a local favorite. Originated in Australia, it is a double shot of espresso with four ounces of microfilmed milk, which gives it a very velvet-like texture. They also offer a few flavored coffees, made with the finest, organic syrups.

Like Making Bread

“Think about a roasted bean like a loaf of bread,” says Amanda Chevalier, who along with her husband Marc, have brought the world class coffee experience to New Harmony. “It’s great out of the oven, but every day it oxidizes, it changes for the worse. With roasted coffee beans, there’s a four or five day window when they are perfect.”

The same attention to detail that went into the coffee beans and the water was applied to the equipment. Their water filtration system, grinders, single drip, and espresso machines are all top-of-the line for making the best possible coffee.

Rustic and Modern

Black Lodge Coffee Roasters is located in the historic Cooper building. The ambience is a mix of the rustic and the modern. Exposed wood beams are lit by vintage, Edison-style bulbs in modern fixtures. The furniture was designed and built by local master builder Curt Schmitt. Outside is a wood deck patio, beautiful garden and spacious courtyard stretching all the way to Thrall’s Opera House. They hope to stage outdoor concerts in the future.

The name “Black Lodge” is a tongue-in-cheek reference to Twin Peaks,” says Amanda. “In the show’s fictional Native American lore, the White Lodge was was pure and bright while the Black Lodge was more the strange, seedy underbelly with a lot of intrigue. It felt like a good fit for a coffee shop. For us, the name symbolizes the alchemy of coffee making. The green coffee beans are unusable, but when you add fire and air, there is a transformative reaction and they become something special.”

“A damn fine cup of coffee,” as special agent Dale Cooper would say.

Black Lodge Coffee Roasters
610 Church Street
New Harmony, Indiana 47631
(812) 718-4515