Farview Orchards

Take a pleasant drive through rolling hills in the scenic Posey County Countryside to Farview Orchards where you can pick fresh fruit right off the tree, or buy it already picked.

Picking fruit at Farview is a great experience for children. In business since 1965, many visitors carry a pleasant memory of the experience throughout their lives, returning as adults with their children and grandchildren.

“Some people come out for the sheer enjoyment of it,” says owner Dennis Blackburn. “They bring the kids, get a few bags of fresh fruit, and just enjoy a beautiful day in the country.”

“Other people pick large amounts,” says co-owner Phyllis Reeves. “A lot of church groups or other organizations use our fruit to make pies or for other recipes for bake sales or street festivals. We’re very popular with people who like to can or make pies or preserves.”

U-Pick apples and other fruit at Farview Orchard Farview’s picking seasons starts in May with strawberries, then cherries – both sweet and tart – then apples in the fall, possibly up to Thanksgiving. Peaches an plums are available for sale throughout much of the summer, but are not available for U-pick.

Farview also makes a fantastic Apple Cider. Unlike store bought ciders, Farview’s is expertly blended from a variety of fresh apples by country folk who have a with a lifetime’s experience. And it contains no preservatives or other added ingredients. Farview’s cider is fresh off the presses in September and October, and available frozen throughout the rest of the year, if supplies last.

Farview also has a great variety of the different types of fruit they grow. Apples include Red Delicious, Golden, Winesap, Arkansas Black, Granny Smith, and Jonathans. They grow cherries, both sweet and tart. Cherrie varieties include Northstar. Montmorency,. Emperor Francis and Back Gold, among others. They grow many varieties of peaches, both white and yellow, and plums for both eating fresh or making prunes.U-Pick apples and other fruit at Farview Orchard

When planning a visit to Farview, Orchards, It’s always best to call ahead to to see what’s fresh, and to get driving directions as the GPS can be unreliable so far out in the country.

Farview Orchards Inc
4200 Oliver Springfield Road
Mount Vernon, IN 47620
 (812) 783-2571