Silver Bell Restaurant

The Silver Bell Restaurant and Bar is located in Saint Wendel, a hidden gem of a small town in the northern part of Posey County.

Everybody asks me what kind of restaurant is Silver Bell?,” says Cathy Powers, founder and mother of Sean, the current owner. “I tell them to pretend they are going to dinner at Grandma’s house. She sits you down in the living room and then goes off to the kitchen and cooks your meal. We’re not like a chain restaurant with fast food and no taste. Our customers really appreciate the fact that we try to make their meals, just like Grandma did.”

“People come here expecting good, home cooked food,” she continues. “Fried Chicken and handmade Onion Rings are two of the favorites. We also serve Roast Beef, Fish, Roast Pork, Ham and a wide variety of home cooked sides, salads and desserts. And even though we’re not a Pizza place, we sell enough Pizza on the weekends that we could be.”

Family style meals, in which people get their choice of meats, and bowls of vegetables are brought to the table to be passed around and shared, are also available. It’s best to call ahead for that. A separate dining room can be reserved for larger gatherings such as birthday parties.

Beyond the great food and friendly people, the memorabilia-lined walls is a big part of Silver Bell’s charm.

“Almost all of the things on the walls are actually our family’s,” says Cathy. “That was my 76-year-old husband’s sled from when he was a child. The tricycle was my daughter’s. Everything on these walls has some kind of a story.”

The Silver Bell also includes a popular bar, which is a local favorite and common destination for visitors. The bar’s wall decorations include Sean’s beer can collection from when he was a boy, featuring many brews that haven’t been available for forty years. In the here and now, the bar offers daily drink specials and there are often dart tournaments and various other activities for customers to enjoy.

Silver Bell Restaurant
4424 St Wendel Rd
St Wendel, Indiana 47638
(812) 963-0944