Roofless Church

The Roofless Church is one of New Harmony’s premier architectural and spiritual, treasures. The result of Jane Owen’s obsession with building a place of welcome for people of all faiths, it was built on the principle that the sky is the only roof large enough to encompass a world of worshippers.

The Roofless Church is an open space surrounded by a brick wall. It’s most prominent feature is a dome covered in cedar shingles that covers a statue by Jacques Lipschitz. There are other sculptures by prominent artists, including Stephen De Staebler,  both inside and outside the wall; as well as a small, quiet garden with benches for contemplation. A balcony with stone benches provides a beautiful frame for the natural world outside.

The structure was designed by the renowned architect ‎Philip Johnson, whose International Style was responsible of the glass and steel nature of many of the twentieth century’s most prominent skyscrapers. Johnson and Lipchitz also did work on the Rockefeller Guest House in New York City.


In addition to being a pleasant place to visit, the  Roofless Church has long been a favorite venue for weddings and other events.

The Roofless Church
420 North Street
New Harmony, Indiana 47631
(812) 682-3050

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