Places of Interest

Places such as rivers, valleys, wetlands – and the plants and animals that inhabit them – inspire us by their very nature. Others, such as buildings, interior spaces and art, are designed by humankind to inspire. In Posey County, you’ll find plenty of inspiration that comes from many different places.

New Harmony, in particular, has been a place of great inspiration since the early 1800’s.

From the original Harmonists to the Owen experiment through the Jane Owen years, and continuing to the present day; New Harmony residents have been inspired to build unique structures, surround them with art and natural beauty, and fill them with fascinating items from modern paintings to antiques to natural history specimens.

New Harmony is a place of spiritual inspiration a well. Much of the art and architecture is designed to appeal to humankind’s spiritual nature and offer a path to its deepening.


  • Carol’s Garden and the Fountain of LifeCarol’s Garden and the Fountain of Life
    Carol’s Garden is a small park designed by Jane Owen in remembrance of her daughter Carol as a place where visitors are encouraged to engage in quiet contemplation and remembrance.
  • Cathedral LabyrinthCathedral Labyrinth
    New Harmony’s Cathedral Labyrinth is a recreation of the 13th century Chartres Labyrinth in France. The original was used as a substitute for a pilgrimage to the Holy Lands. Today, it is intended as a tool for meditation, spiritual deepening, creativity, or other forms of inspiration.
  • Chapel of the Little PortionChapel of the Little Portion
    Inspired by a story of Saint Francis of Assisi, the Chapel of the Little Portion was designed by the noted sculptor, Stephen de Staebler and features a beautiful, polished steel cross facing the lake.
  • Church ParkChurch Park
    New Harmony’s Church Park was built on the original site of the Harmonist church and is a wonderful place for rest and reflection as you make your way around the town. The park features a fountain by celebrated American sculptor Don Gummer, who along with his wife, the actress Meryl ...
  • Farview OrchardsFarview Orchards
    Take a pleasant drive through rolling hills in the scenic Posey County Countryside to Farview Orchards where you can pick fresh fruit right off the tree, or buy it already picked. Picking fruit at Farview is a great experience for children. In business since 1965, many visitors carry a pleasant memory ...
  • Harmonist LabyrinthHarmonist Labyrinth
    The Harmonist Labyrinth is a hedge maze that has been recreated to reflect the original Harmonist layout. It’s a long-time favorite for Posey County school children and visitors alike. In the middle of the maze sits the grotto; a circular building where a visitor can rest and relax before finding ...
  • Mount Vernon River FrontMount Vernon River Front
    Mount Vernon has always been a river town. Going down to the waterfront and watching the boats go by in the evening has long been a popular pastime for its citizens. Now, with new additions and renovations, it’s become one of the better spots to enjoy the scenic Ohio River. In recent ...
  • Our Lord’s WoodsOur Lord's Woods
    Our Lord’s Wood is a great place to relax and take a peaceful stroll. The winding, art and poetry lined trail crosses a scenic turquoise bridge and passes a beautiful lake and waterfall. The giant chair is a favorite spot for family photos. From there, you can circle the lake ...
  • Rapp-Owen GranaryRapp-Owen Granary
    The Rapp-Owen Granary is one of New Harmony’s most spectacular buildings, and a national landmark as well. Originally seven stories, but later redesigned to be two floors with very high ceilings and solid wood beams and rafters, the building radiates warm spaciousness and awesome grandeur.
  • Roofless ChurchRoofless Church
    The Roofless Church is an open space surrounded by a brick wall. It’s most prominent feature is a dome covered in cedar shingles that covers a statue by Jacques Lipchitz. There are other sculptures by prominent artists, including Stephen De Staebler, both inside and outside the wall; as well ...
  • The Mount Vernon WaterfrontThe Mount Vernon Waterfront
    The Mount Vernon Waterfront, which includes Riverbend Park, Sherburne Park, a commercial area with a coffee shop and restaurants, an amphitheater, a bandshell, a playground, picnic tables, scenic walkways, and a boat ramp is a favorite place to take the kids or watch the sunset.
  • Tillich ParkTillich Park
    Created by Jane Owen, Tillich Park is a wooded glade dedicated to Paul Tillich, one of the most influential theologians. The park features a winding path through a grove of tall pines and a sculpture of Tillich by James Rosati. The pine needle covered path winds through a forest of ...
  • Twin Swamps Nature PreserveTwin Swamps Nature Preserve
    Twin Swamps is one of the northernmost cypress sloughs in the United States. It features a nice trail, a wooden observation walk and deck, abundant wildflowers, bald cypress and oaks.
  • Wabash RiverWabash River
    The Wabash River starts at Grand Lake in western Ohio and flows 475 miles to where it flows into the Ohio in Posey County. It was first discovered by Europeans in 1669 by the famous French explorer Robert Cavelier de La Salle while he was exploring the Ohio River. The name ...
  • Working Men’s Institute MuseumWorking Men's Institute Museum
    The Working Men’s Institute and Library contains a fascinating collection of historical relics, both natural and man-made. On the same floor, the Murphy Gallery features classic classic fine art paintings collected over the years and contemporary work by the Italian artist Franco Prosperi.