New Harmony Soap Company

The New Harmony Soap Company researches, designs and manufactures unique, all natural soaps and lotions that deliver nutrition to the skin. Everything is made with natural ingredients, particularly botanicals, and the focus is on nutrition and health, which lead to long-lasting beauty rather than the merely cosmetic.

“We do a lot of research to find the most effective ingredients,” says owner Jim Spann. “Each of of our soaps and body lotions is a unique creation made by by us here in New Harmony. Each of the formulas was developed here. With many, we worked directly with our customers to discover and fill specific needs.”

Jim starts by looking discovering what ingredients and recipes have been in use for throughout history in all the different parts of the globe. When he finds a strong legacy for a specific ingredient, he then looks for modern research to show that proves its effectiveness. Once he has verified that a traditional ingredient has science behind it, he begins figuring out and testing how to incorporate it into a product.

The result is a product that enhances the health and natural beauty of the skin.

A few accessories, like soap trays and shaving brushes, are for sale, but all of the body care products are made in-house. They also make natural insect repellent.

The New Harmony Soap company is a great stop on any list of things to do in New Harmony. The shop is light and airy, full of wonderful smells, as yo might imagine, and the staff is friendly and happy to talk soap. And if you stop by most days around 3 p.m., you can see the soap being made, right before your very eyes.

New Harmony Soap Company
512 Main Street
New Harmony, Indiana 47631
Phone: (812) 682-0515