Mountain Bike Trails

Harmonie State Park is a premiere mountain biking destination. It boasts roughly 20 miles of professionally designed trails that wind through forested hills and deep ravines filled with towering old growth oaks, sycamore and birch.

The trails, which include long beginner and intermediate sections, and a few expert stretches, are designed to provide the widest variety of mountain biking experience.

They have  good flow, which means they are not always climbing, or going on flat straight lines. They were designed by experts  with curves, fast sections, berms, jumps, and technical challenges such as log rides and a rock garden so that mountain bikers won’t get bored after just a few rides.

The Sycamore Loop, or Trail #1, takes a mostly flat route and is perfect for beginners or those who just want an easy ride. The Walnut Trail, Trail #2, is an intermediate trail that goes up and down the hills and over streams. The Oka Loop and the Chute are for advanced intermediate riders and include a few expert sections.


Harmonie State Park
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