Moon River Spa

Moon River Spa is New Harmony’s place to go for relaxation and rejuvenation. Their services include massage, skin care and other restorative and relaxation therapies.

“People come here to relax and recharge,” says owner Jenifer Blevins. “We help relieve the stresses of daily life. When people get a massage or other treatment, it’s like hitting a reset button. It takes them back to being who they are by relieving pain and tension. They are definitely much happier afterwards.”

“That’s the biggest benefit of this job,” she says. “We see how happy people are after we’ve worked on them”

Jenifer chose the name because her favorite thing to do in New Harmony is to go down to the river and watch the moon.

Moon River Spa also sells natural, holistic, healing products that are completely organic, such as soaps, body butters, essential oils, pain relieving creams, relaxing soaks and other quality products.

Moon River Spa
517 North Street
New Harmony, Indiana  47631
(812) 550-7483