Posey County is not just a great place to visit; it is a great place to stay as well. You can choose to stay at a world class hotel, a fine Bed & Breakfast like the A.C. Thomas House, a guest house suited to your taste, price range and needs, a clean and reasonably priced motel with all the amenities, or a campground in the county’s great outdoors, you will find a temporary home to your liking here.

Posey County Hotels offer a wide and unique range of choices for hotels. Family vacation, romantic getaway, friend’s trip, group conference and weddings – there is something for every budget. From the full resort offerings of the New Harmony Inn to the off-the-grid charm of the Old Rooming House, with the clean, comfortable offerings from the Mount Vernon Inn and Four Seasons Motel in between, we are sure to have something just right for your tastes.