Hovey Lake

Hovey Lake is a 1,400 acre oxbow lake where cypress trees notable for its water foul and other wildlife, great fishing, canoeing and kayaking, and scenic beauty.

The lake’s distinguishing feature is its vast number of cypress, and other trees, that are partially submerged in the water.

Hovey Lake is an excellent spot for sightseeing, hiking, bird watching, picnicking and kayaking, as well as hunting and fishing. There is a levee that serves as an interesting trail where it is common to see a nice variety of wildlife, especially herons.

A boat ramp provides easy access to the lake.

Bald cypress trees stand in and around a large portion of the lake, providing a scenic backdrop for wildlife and a perfect habitat for crappies.

The lake is part of the Hovey Lake Fish and Wildlife Area, which includes several other properties as well and is devoted to maintaining wildlife in Posey County for residents and visitors alike.

Hovey Lake Fish and Wildlife Area
15800 Raben Road South
Mount Vernon, IN 47620
(812) 838-2927