Posey County – A Great Place to Visit

Kayaker on Hovey Lake at dawn

Posey County is an important agricultural and industrial area with a rich historical past and unique natural ecosystem that provides visitors with a wide variety of sightseeing, cultural, and outdoor opportunities.

New Harmony’s Utopian movements influenced the world with two centuries of innovative ideas and dedication to spirituality and the arts that continue to this day. Mount Vernon is emblematic of the country’s growth from pioneer days through the incredible industrial expansion of the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, and has a great river front. Harmonie State Park and the Point offer incredible outdoor opportunities for everyone from hunters and fishermen to campers, bird watchers, and mountain bike riders. The county’s other small towns and villages all have their own special histories and charms.

Posey County is a great place to visit. Its unique history and environment were forged by the confluence of two great rivers, and a vibrant cultural and spiritual scene with world class art, architecture, restaurants and places to stay.

We expect you will enjoy your visit.

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Kari Mobley
Executive Director
Visit Posey County