Posey County History

Posey County has a rich history, including two, arguably three,  prominent Utopian experiments in New Harmony and a wealth of early pioneer experiences.

Below, you’ll find just a few of the variety of ways you can begin to experience and appreciate that history.


  • Jane OwenJane Owen
    Jane Owen restored New Harmony’s history, brought in world class artists, architects and spiritual leaders to create sacred spaces, supported the arts, and built the fine dining establishment the Red Geranium and the Harmonist inspired New Harmony Inn and Resort.
  • New Harmony NotablesNew Harmony Notables
    Short biographies of notable people, scientists, artists, sculptors, architects, writers, geologists, scientists, social theorists, religious leaders and others who have lived in New Harmony.
  • Old Solitude VillageOld Solitude Village
    Old Solitude Village is a replica of a mid 19th century pioneer village. It was built by Jerry King, a retired high school history teacher and renowned local amateur archeologist, and includes a school, general store, mill, and other log cabins.
  • Prehistoric SitesPrehistoric Sites
    Posey County was an important place in pre-history.
  • Where Two Great Rivers MeetWhere Two Great Rivers Meet
    Posey County is where the Wabash River merges with the Ohio. It is Indiana’s most distinctive feature on the map. It is the Point. The geographic reality of two great rivers meeting has shaped our history, economy, and culture, as well as our borders. Way back into pre-history, our prime location on two major rivers ...
  • Working Men’s Institute MuseumWorking Men's Institute Museum
    The Working Men’s Institute and Library contains a fascinating collection of historical relics, both natural and man-made. On the same floor, the Murphy Gallery features classic classic fine art paintings collected over the years and contemporary work by the Italian artist Franco Prosperi.