Hiking is a great way to experience the outdoors in Posey County. From the deep ravines of Harmonie State Park to the lowland forests and sloughs of the Point, there are beautiful trails that will take you to the heart of our nature. The trails at Harmonie State Park are the best developed and maintained. At the Point, the trails are less developed and maintained, and will be muddy, or underwater altogether, during rainy seasons, so be prepared for a more adventurous kind of hiking experience. Twin Swamps features a nice loop trail with several sections of boardwalk, one extending over 300 feet out into a Cypress slough. The trail from the parking lot at Grey Estate goes to the other side of Twin Swamps. The trails at Big Cypress Slough venture deep into the swamp. There’s an interesting trail at Hovey Lake that follows a levee and includes several branches.

Big Cypress Slough

Big Cypress Slough is the largest cypress slough in the county. It is also home to a nest of Bald Eagles that can be seen from the road.

Grey Estate Cypress Slough

The Grey Estate Cypress Slough is essentially the other side of the Twin Swamp Cypress Slough, and is accessible via a parking area directly across the road from Big Cypress Slough. It has several trails that follow the slough or take the hiker through interesting flat woods.

Harmonie State Park Hiking Trails

Harmonie State Park offers a lovely variety of hiking trails. From the flat floodplains along the Wabash River to the rolling hills and deep ravines of the park’s interior, Harmonie State Park is filled with over 50 miles of trails.

Hovey Lake

Hovey Lake is a 1,400 acre oxbow lake where cypress trees that grow out of the water. It is an excellent spot for sightseeing, hiking, bird watching, picnicking and kayaking, as well as hunting and fishing. There is a levee that serves as an interesting trail where it is common …

Section 6 Flatwoods

Section 6 Flatwoods is an uninspired name for a great deer hunting spot and a rare ecosystem that is home to a diversity of plant and tree species. Walking through the preserve expect to see post oak, false aloe, yellow star-grass, Sampson’s snakeroot, starve panic grass and small skullcap on the …

Twin Swamps Nature Preserve

Twin Swamps is one of the northernmost cypress sloughs in the United States. It features a nice trail, a wooden observation walk and deck, abundant wildflowers, bald cypress and oaks.