Harmonie State Park Nature Center

Nature CenterNaturalist teaches kidsHarmonie State Park’s Nature Center is a favorite hangout for kids of all ages. It has several exhibits, a large window looking out on bird feeders, and lots of games and activities, both inside the center and out.

As the park’s naturalist, Amelia Wildeman, gives talks, leads interpretive hikes and guides groups of children in craft making and other fun, nature-related activities that help visitors discover the outdoors in a variety of ways, from identifying plants and animals to learning about conservation and the relationships between people, plants, rocks, soils and wildlife.


“It’s a hands-on opportunity to learn about plants and animals that we can’t do in the classroom,” says Amelia. “The more experiences like this we can give our kids, the more connections they can make when they’re reading stories or non-fiction or learning about science and social studies. It helps them make connections between the classroom and the real world.”