Harmonie State Park

Scene from Harmonie State Park.Harmonie State Park.Wabash River at Harmonie State ParkScene from Harmonie State Park.Harmonie State Park.Scene from Harmonie State Park.Harmonie State Park.Harmonie State Park is a place of great natural beauty, known for its deep ravines, towering old growth forest, and abundant wildlife.

Located just a few miles south of New Harmony, the park is made up of 3,465 acres that include a dry upland area, a lower swampy slough area that borders the Wabash River, and many hills and forest in between.  The defining feature of the park is its steep ravines that were carved by glacial meltwaters at the end of the last ice age. There is a lot of sandstone in the bedrock and the lowlands near the river have very sandy soil.

Campers enjoy its relaxing tranquility, and a beautiful campground with spacious campsites, and many amenities, including full electric, water, clean bath houses, a dump station.

Kids, and their parents love it for its friendly, safe environment, many playgrounds, swimming pool, water slide, nature center and countless activities available for children of all ages.

The campground’s rustic cabins are fully equipped and affordable – ideal for those who want to get away from it all, and popular for such things as girls weekend out, family reunions, or wedding parties.

Hikers can enjoy over 40 miles of trails that range from very easy to moderate. Harmonie State Park is one of the best Mountain Biking destinations in the area. Other cycling options range from a paved nine mile loop with challenging climbs to leisurely rides on flat, paved lanes through beautiful scenery. The fishing is great at the park’s scenic ponds, Rush Creek, or from the banks of the Wabash River. Two horse trails round out options for getting out in the park’s unique and beautiful ecosystem.

Or, visitors can just take a leisurely drive around the park, which is especially nice around sunset when you will likely see more than a few white tailed deer. A nice paved road loops across the high land, up and down the wooded hills, through the scenic valleys, all the way to a great picnic area and short walk on the Wabash river’s edge.

“Harmonie State Park, as well as the rest of Posey County, is situated in a unique geographic location,” says Amelia Wildeman, the park’s interpretive naturalist. “It’s the northernmost region for some plants and animals and southernmost region for others. You find things here that you won’t find anywhere else in Indiana.”

Harmonie State Park
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New Harmony, IN 47631
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