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Posey County has all the elements for a great outdoor getaway.

Thousands of acres in farmland and woods, big skies and two Midwest rivers…Posey County is one of those rare spots where natural beauty stretches as far as you can see. For hunting, fishing, wildlife watching, bonfires and ATVs, Posey County’s a very short drive to the big outdoors you crave. 


Posey County’s farm fields reach for miles. Hundreds of farm operations of varying sizes produce livestock, corn, soy, wheat, alfalfa hay, and some popcorn and yield among the highest in the Midwest. Abundant woodlands border the rivers and provide healthy habitat for all sorts of wildlife. It’s a place where tractor shows, 4-h fairs, trucks, boots and farmers’ markets are part of the norm. 

From nearly any angle, visiting Posey County means you’re off the metro-grid and grounded in the great outdoors.


Posey County’s central location on the continent gives birdwatchers opportunity to see species originating from a wide swath of North America.

For some migratory species, Posey County is considered “south.” Birds of prey can be seen year-round, including the magnificent American Bald Eagle. Posey County is home to at least six eagle nests, three of which are near The Point.

The Point and Harmonie State Park are both breeding grounds for bright yellow Profanatory Warblers. A favorite for bird watchers, the warblers are spectacularly-beautiful birds that appear only for short time. They nest in tree cavities just long enough to breed and raise their hatchlings.


Bonfires are also part of the fabric of Posey County life in back yards, at campsites and on the farm.  It’s an invitation to pull up your truck and connect with neighbors and friends. 

In Posey County, a burgoo is an annual seasonal event where people and ingredients come together for the good of the community. It’s a long-standing tradition in the area that begins like clockwork in the early fall. Be sure to look for upcoming dates on some favorites including the St. Philips Annual Burgoo and Marrs Elementary School Annual Burgoo!


Posey County’s southern borders were naturally formed by the confluence of the Wabash and Ohio rivers. The waters of those two great Midwest rivers helped make the land fertile and carved out Indiana’s distinctive borders. 

The Point, where the Wabash River meets the Ohio, is a remarkable place, and most often the first thing people notice when they look at a map of Indiana.

Throughout Posey County, it’s easy to see how water impacted this place and how it’s greatly responsible for the area’s success:  from being chosen as a prime settlement location nearly two thousand years ago, to its lasting role as a center for trade. For migrating birds, wildlife viewing, hunting and fishing, site-seeing, paddling and sunsets, the presence of water and its importance in Posey County can’t be overstated.


Learn more about everything Posey County by downloading the 2019 Posey County Visitors Guide.


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Marrs Elementary School Annual Burgoo


   Wildeman Family enjoys a bonfire


  Crops from the New Harmony Farmers and Artisan Market




Where the Wabash and Ohio Rivers Meet



Birdwatching at The Point




Bald Eagle on Hovey Lake




The Mount Vernon Riverfront has beautiful views of the Ohio   River.