Dusty Barn Distillery

The Dusty Barn Distillary produces small batch craft whiskeys from ingredients harvested directly on farms right here in Posey County. The Dusty Barn philosophy is simple: source local and be true to their tastes.


“We make whiskey we like,” says master distiller Jesse Kuhlenschmidt. “We hope everyone else likes it, but we do what we like. If we think it tastes good, that’s what we go with.”

Doc’s Hoosier Moon is a moonshine-style, 100 percent corn whiskey. Doc’s Cask Corn Whiskey is a Bourbon-style whiskey aged in charred oak barrels, and Doc’s Rye is a traditional rye, also aged in charred oak barrels, that finds a special niche in the current rye renaissance.

The “Doc” on the label is long time Posey County farmer and respected anesthesiologist Duane Kuhlenschmidt, who became interested in distilled spirits and started looking into opening a distillery sometimes around 2008.

Doc is primarily in charge of all the agricultural aspects of the operation; he grows and mills the corn and grains used to make the whiskies. His son Jesse  is responsible for the taste.

“The recipe is simple, but process is complex,” says Jesse. “Having a discerning palette is the key. That’s what gives the whiskeys their character.”

Dusty Barn Dstillery is open on the weekends. Visitors get an informational tour of the operation and then a tasting in the gift shop, which also features locally sourced materials and products, including shot glasses, coasters, t-shirts, and jellies from the Kuhlenschmidt kitchen.

Bottles are for sale in the gift shop, including on Sundays.

Dusty Barn Distillery
6861 Carson School Road
Mount Vernon, IN 47620
(812) 985-5507