Church Park

Church Park was built on the original site of the Harmonist church, which was one of the most significant buildings on the American frontier in the early 1800’s.

Centrally located, it is a wonderful spot for a little rest, reflection, and art, nature and history appreciation as you make your way around New Harmony.

The park’s main entrance is a recreation of the Harmonists’ “Door of Promise,” from the original church. It’s central feature is a fountain designed by the celebrated American sculptor Don Gummer, who is a noted philanthropist as well. It also features the  Harmonist’s golden rose motif, which has become, along with the Labyrinth, an important symbol of New Harmony.

After the Harmonists moved on, the church was turned into a multi-purpose hall with dancing, theater and a library. When the Pennsylvania Harmonists got word that dancing was going on in their church,  they sent one of the descendants of the original settlers to purchase the church, which they promptly destroyed. Its bricks were used to build the wall around the Indian cemetery.

Church Park
409 Church Street
New Harmony, Indiana 47631
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