PoseyCounty is a central location on the continent gives birdwatchers opportunity to see species originating from a wide swath of North America.

Point Township, the southernmost area of the county closest to the confluence of the Ohio and Wabash rivers is an important stop on the migratory path of many bird species, as well as Monarch butterflies.

Weyerbacher Wetland Restoration Area in Posey County’s Point Township, is a 35-acre moist-soil managed wetland, accessible by a well-maintained gravel road next to Hovey Fish and Wildlife Area headquarters.  The wetland is flooded in fall and winter to provide critical migration and wintering habitat for waterfowl, shorebirds and other wetland wildlife.

 For some migratory species, Posey County is considered “south.” Birds of prey can be seen year-round, including the magnificent American Bald Eagle. Posey County is home to at least six eagle nests, three of which are near The Point.

The Point and Harmonie State Park are both breeding grounds for bright yellow Profanatory Warblers. A favorite for bird watchers, the warblers are spectacularly-beautiful birds that appear only for short time. They nest in tree cavities just long enough to breed and raise their hatchlings.