Kari Mobley

Meet Kari Mobley

Executive Director, Visit Posey County


Posey County, Indiana is an ideal landing place for travelers. It has been for thousands of years.

A bird’s-eye view of middle-America shows two great rivers tracing hundreds of miles of landscape, literally carving out the borders of Midwest states.

The junction where those rivers meet is Posey County, and it’s a place that’s been chosen over and over as a perfect jumping-off point. The waterways and lush resources attracted pre-Columbian native settlers, early explorers and scholars, vast farming operations, industries and pioneers of all sorts.

Known as a place of wild abundance and surprisingly big ideas, Posey County has hosted experiments in spirit, science, industry, art and agriculture that have raised eyebrows and global consciousness. Today, it’s still a place where people gather near the rivers to work and play, to bike-ride, bird-watch, fish, hunt and hike. We invite you to soak up history in our walkable towns and sample farm fresh foods…buy some art or rent a golf cart. If you can stay a while, try out a Hoosier sunset or some dark-sky star gazing. Amazing!

Welcome to Posey County.
So glad you stopped by.

Kari Mobley
Wabash River
Mt. Vernon Riverfront
The Hedge Labyrinth in New Harmony
Yellow Tavern
New Harmony
The Fountain in Church Park designed by famous Sculptor, Donald Gummer, the husband of actress Meryl Streep
Black Lodge Coffee Roasters